User Privacy Controls in Parimatch App

The Parimatch app allows you flexible control over your personal data and privacy preferences through your account settings. We provide a detailed overview in the form of a table for clarity:

Access personal dataYou can view and update details like your name, contact information, and date of birth in your account profile.
Request data deletionIf you decide to close your account, you can submit a request to have your personal information deleted as allowed by law. This erases data like your transaction history.
Set cookie preferencesThrough your device settings or our website cookie banner, you can consent to, reject, or customize how we use tracking technologies like cookies.
Opt out of marketingIn your account or through email/SMS preferences, you can opt out of receiving promotional and marketing messages from us.
Close accountYou can choose to close your account through the app. This will restrict access and initiate data deletion procedures.

This control over your information is essential, so do review the privacy policy and use these options for peace of mind.

Parimatch India Mobile Application Privacy Policy

Personal Data Collection by Parimatch

As you engage with Parimatch’s services through the app or website, certain types of personal information are collected with your consent:

  • Registration details like your full name, contact information, date of birth, and proof of identity are required to set up your account properly. This allows secure access and verification.
  • Usage information such as your deposits, withdrawals, wagers, game session details, and responsibile gambling interactions are stored to process transactions, prevent fraud, and customize your experience.
  • Technical data including device properties, OS version, IP address and general location are also captured. This helps deliver the right app functionality and security.

While comprehensive, Parimatch limits collection and handling of your personal data to purposes stated clearly in their privacy policy. You can also utilize user control options to customize preferences.

Parimatch App Can Collect Users Data for Several Reasons